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Albina Bazzani  - Titanic First Class Passenger

Albina Bazzani was a 32 year old, first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic, as the maid of Emma Bucknell. They were both returning home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France on Wednesday 10th April 1912. As it was Titanic's maiden voayage, Albina Bazzani and Emma Bucknell were the first passengers to occupy their cabin, D15, what they did not know was they would also be the last.

Albina Bazzani was born in around 1880. By the time she boarded Titanic, she was in the employment as a maid to Emma Bucknell, a wealthy 59 year old woman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some time before April 1912, she accompanied  her employer to Europe, before starting the journey home aboard Titanic. 

After the collision with the iceberg, Albina Bazzani and Emma Bucknell, made their way to the boat deck and safely boarded the starboard lifeboat No.8, which was amongst the first boats to leave the sinking ship. Also aboard lifeboat 8 was first class passenger, the Countess of Rothes, and missing from the boat was Ida Straus, who famously refused to leave her husband instead of leaving in that lifeboat.

Lifeboat 8 and all of it’s passengers were safely picked up by the Cunard ship, Carpathia on the morning of Monday 15th April 1912. Albina Bazzani disembarked from Carpathia in New York on Thursday 18th April 1912. After the disaster it is likely that she continued to live with and work for Emma Bucknell.  At the time of writing we do not know any more about her.

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