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Algernon Henry Wilson Barkworth - Titanic First Class Passenger

Algernon Henry Wilson Barkworth, was a 47 year old, British, first class passenger, travelling aboard Titanic on his own, with the intension of visiting America for the first time. He boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912. During the voyage he become friendly with fellow passengers, Arthur Gee and Charles Jones.

Algernon Barkworth was born on 9th March 1864, probably in Hessle, Yorkshire, UK. By the time he boarded Titanic, he was a Justice of the peace at a Magistrates court. He lived at Tranby House, Hessle, which was built by his great grandfather, and today forms part of a school.

Late on April 14th, the night in which Titanic encountered the iceberg, Algernon Barkworth, was sat in the smoking room with his new companions, Arthur Gee and Charles Jones, discussing the science of good road building, which he said he was keenly interested in. Just before the time of the iceberg collision, he was ready to go to bed, but had decided to stay up a little longer as he had heard that the clock would be set back at midnight, and he wanted to set his watch.

Still in the smoking room at 11.40, Algernon Barkworth said he heard a grinding sound, causing the ship to tremble. Unaware of the cause he went out on deck to investigate, where he saw and then asked passenger, William Stead what he had seen, he informed him that the ship had struck an iceberg. When the order was given to put on lifebelts, he went to his cabin to collect his, and also put on warmer clothes including a fur coat.

Standing on the deck with his friends, realising the ship would soon sink, with there being no hope of rescue before the ship foundered, he jumped into the freezing sea. Swimming away from the ship, he conveniently swam into a plank of wood which was of great help to him. The survival time for a person in the water was not long, fortunately for him, during last minute efforts to launch Lifeboat B, the boat had overturned, and then floated off the ship as she sunk, this boat become a haven for a lucky few in the water.

Algernon Barkworth was eventually able to swim to the upside down Lifeboat B, where along with around 30 others managed to cling to life aboard the boat. After a long ordeal on the boat, they were rescued by Lifeboat 12, before being rescued by Carpathia.

While onboard Carpathia, Algernon Barkworth was able to send a message home saying that he was safe. His two new friends, Arthur Gee and Charles Jones, were both lost in the disaster.

After returning home to Hessle he continued to be a Justice of the peace. He died on 7th January 1945, aged 80. He was buried at Mill Lane Cemetery, Kirk Ella, Yorkshire.

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