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Mrs Charlotte Appleton - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mrs Charlotte Appleton was a first class passenger travelling home from Britain, with her sisters, Malvina Helen Cornell and Caroline Lane Brown. They had been in Britain to attend the funeral of their sister, Lady Drummond. They boarded Titanic at Southampton, and were in cabin C101.

Charlotte Appleton, the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Lamson, was born in New York City, on 12th December 1858. Charlotte married her husband, Edward Dale Appleton in 1894; the couple lived in New York.

Charlotte and her sister, Malvina Helen Cornell, survived the sinking by boarding Lifeboat, 2 which was amongst the last to leave the ship; her other sister Caroline Lane Brown, who had become separated from her sisters boarded and survived upon Lifeboat D, which was the last lifeboat to successfully leave the ship.

Onboard their rescue ship, Carpathia, the sisters were surprised to find that their aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Charles Marshall, were among Carpathia痴 own passengers.

Charlotte Appleton died on Wednesday 25th June 1924, at Flushing Hospital, New York. She was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, on 27th June 1924.

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