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Elizabeth Bonnell - Titanic First Class Passenger

Miss Elizabeth Bonnell was a British first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic to visit her family in America. She was travelling with her American niece, Caroline Bonnell, as well as Carolineís relatives George and Mary Wick and his daughter Mary Natalie Wick.

Caroline and the Wick family had been on a pleasure trip to Europe. In Southampton, UK, on Wednesday 14th April 1912, they all joined Titanicís maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Elizabeth had her own cabin on C deck, cabin C103.

Elizabeth, who was the daughter of John Fearnley and Elizabeth Duffill Bonnell, was born in 1850 or 1851 in the United Kingdom. [Note. some secondary sources say different dates for her birth, however, most say 1850 and her death certificate gives her age as 85, which would make it 1850 or 1851]. She lived in Birkdale, Merseyside, UK.

At the time of the iceberg collision, Elizabeth was more than likely in her C deck cabin. Caroline, her niece said that she went to Elizabethís cabin to fetch her after being told that she should leave her cabin and go to A deck.

Elizabeth along with Caroline, Mary Wicks and Natalie Wicks went to the starboard boat deck, where they boarded lifeboat 8, one of the first boats to leave the Titanic. The Bonnellís and the Wicks all survived, except for George Wicks who was lost the disaster.

Elizabeth died in the UK on Thursday 20th February 1936.

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