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Helene Baxter - Titanic First Class Passenger

Hélène Baxter was a 50 year old, first class passenger aboard Titanic, from Montreal, Canada, travelling home from a visit to Europe, with her daughter, Mary Hélène Douglas; her son, Quigg Edmond Baxter, and her son’s girlfriend, Bertha Antonine Mayné. They boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, and she occupied cabin B58-60, which was one of the finest aboard Titanic.

Hélène Baxter was born as Hélène Lanaudière-Chaput, on 29th March 1862 in Joliette, Canada. She married James Baxter who was a business man, diamond broker and banker, in August 1882. They had three children together.

Despite the fact that James Baxter seems to have had a great deal of success in business, in 1900 he was jailed for embezzling (fraudulently taking others money) $40,000 from his bank. He died at the age of 66, in 1905, shortly after his release from prison.

At the time of the collision with the iceberg, Hélène Baxter was in bed in her cabin, feeling ill with nausea. When the order was given for the passengers to make their way to the lifeboats, with her still feeling weak, Quigg Baxter, her son, had to carry her up the stairs to the boat deck. When up on deck, he ensured that his mother, sister and his girlfriend, were safely put into Lifeboat 6. This was the last time that the three ladies would see him.

Lifeboat 6 was also the boat in which, Margret ‘Molly’ Brown, one of Titanic’s now most well known passenger survived upon, as well as Frederick Fleet, the lookout who first warned of the iceberg, and Robert Hichens who was at Titanic’s wheel when the iceberg struck. The boat was safely rescued by Carpathia on the morning of April 15th. Quigg Baxter was very sadly lost in the sinking, his body is not known to have been recovered.

Hélène Baxter, died on 19th June 1923. She was buried in the Baxter’s family plot at Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, Montreal, Canada.

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