John James Borebank - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr John James Borebank was a 41 year old first class passenger travelling home alone from Europe to Canada. He boarded Titanic in Southampton, and occupied cabin D22.

John James Borebank, said to have been known as Jack, was born in the United Kingdom on 1st May 1870 in West Hallam, Derbyshire. His parents were James and Sarah Borebank. They lived on a farm.

Sometime within a few years after the death of John James Borebank’s mother in 1884, his father and brother and sisters moved to Canada. John James Borebank stayed behind and served an apprenticeship with a hairdresser; but shortly after sailed to Canada to join his family.

In 1896 John James Borebank moved from Toronto, Canada to Winnipeg. Canada. He is said to have been a successful businessman in the real estate profession and to also have had interests in timber. He married Elizabeth Isabel Blackburn on 14th June 1899, and on 5th June 1904 their daughter, Eileen Isabel Louise, was born. In around 1910 John James Borebank moved with his family back to Toronto.

In 1911 the family sailed to Europe for a long tour. Perhaps to attend to business, John James Borebank set sail aboard Titanic to return home on 10th April 1912; his wife and daughter, who is said to have been enrolled in a British boarding school, stayed behind in the United Kingdom.

John James Borebank did not survive the sinking, and his body is not known to have been recovered. His wife began her journey home to Canada later in the month aboard Red Star Line’s Vaderland.

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