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Kornelia Theodosia Andrews - Titanic First Class Passenger

Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews was a first class passenger, who was aboard Titanic with her sister, Anna Hogeboom and their niece Gretchen Fiske Longley. Miss Andrews was in cabin D7, and was aboard Titanic to return to her home in Hudson, New York.

Kornelia Andrews was born on Sunday 12th August 1848, in Hudson, New York, to her parents Mr Robert Emmet and Mrs Matilda Fonda Andrews. Miss Andrews had graduated from Oberlin College, and had been a leader in society and charitable work.

At the time of the iceberg collision, Miss Andrews was in bed. She said in a letter to a relative, that she had seen ice crystals that had come through a port hole, and had then known it was an iceberg. She said that the crew told them there was no danger, so she went back to bed, only to be told a while later they should put on their life preservers and go up on deck.

Once on deck Miss Andrews and her relatives boarded lifeboat 10. Onboard she assisted with the rowing of the boat, and was later very critical of the men she said were in the boat to row but did not know how to.

Kornelia Andrews died at her home in Hudson, New York, on 4th December 1913, from lobar pneumonia. She was buried on the 5th December 1913, in Hudson, New York.

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