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Léontine Pauline Aubart - Titanic First Class Passenger

Léontine Pauline Aubart, was a first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic with Benjamin Guggenheim, who despite the fact he was married was her lover. They boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912, at Cherbourg, France. She was in cabin B35, and was accompanied by her maid, Emma Sägesser.

Léontine Aubart, was born on 20th May 1887 in Paris, France. She is said to have been a singer.

After the Iceberg collision, Léontine Aubart went to see what was happening, seemingly unconcerned, she went back to bed, only to get up again a little later and along with her maid went to meet Benjamin Guggenheim, before going up on deck.

Léontine Aubart and her maid both escaped the Titanic in Lifeboat 9. Before the ship sank, Benjamin Guggenheim ensured that a steward would give the following message to his wife - 'If anything should happen to me, tell my wife I've done my best in doing my duty'. He was last seen, along with his valet, Victor Giglio, dressed in their best clothes and was reported to say ‘We’ve dressed in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen'. Both men were lost.

In early May 1912, Léontine Aubart returned to France; For the journey between New York and liverpool, she sailed on the White Star liner Adriatic. She died on 29th October 1964, at the age of 77.

Both the characters of Léontine Aubart and Benjamin Guggenheim have appeared in many of the Titanic films.

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