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Nellie Mayo Bessette - Titanic First Class Passenger

Miss Amelia Mayo Bessette, known as Nellie Bessette, was a 39 year old, American, First class passenger travelling aboard Titanic as part of her employment as the maid of Mrs Ella White. Along with Nellie Bessette, Ella White was travelling with her friend Marie Young, and her servant Sante Ringhini. They boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France, and where returning home to New York.

Nellie Bessette was born on Monday 7th October 1872. Sometime before the Titanic disaster she accompanied her employer, her employer’s friend, and her employer’s servant on a trip to Britain and France. They decided to return home on Titanic’s maiden voyage.

After the collision with the iceberg, Nellie Bessette, Ella White, and Marie Young all boarded and survived upon the port side Lifeboat 8, which was one of the very first to leave the port side of the sinking ship. Sante Ringhini did not survive the disaster.

Nellie Bessette died on Sunday 23rd July 1944.

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