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Quigg Edmond Baxter - Titanic First Class Passenger

Quigg Edmond Baxter from Montreal, Canada, was a 24 year old, first class passenger, travelling home aboard Titanic from a visit to Europe, with his mother, Helene Baxter, his sister, Mary Helene Douglas and his new girlfriend Bertha Antonine Mayné, who he had met and fell in love with in Brussels, Belgium. He boarded Titanic in Cherbourg, France, and he was in one of Titanic's best cabins, B58-60.

Quigg Baxter, the son of James and Helene Baxter, was born on Wednesday 13th July 1887, in Montreal, Canada. He received his education at Loyola College, a Jesuit college in Montreal.

By the time he reached 18 it was clear that he was a great sportsman, with him being a talented football and hockey player. Unfortunately during a hockey game in 1907, one of Quigg’s eyes was injured resulting in him loosing the sight in it, and although not being able to play as he used to, he continued with the sport as a coach, something he seems to have been good at. His sister, Mary met her doctor husband as a result of his injury.

During the winter of 1911, while Quigg was in Europe with his mother, he met Bertha Antonine Mayné a 24 year old cabaret singer in Brussels, Belgium. He fell in love with Bertha, and when it was time to return home on Titanic, she went with him in her own cabin, C-90, interestingly under the assumed name of Mrs de Villiers.

When the iceberg struck Quigg was in his cabin; when it was time to put the women and children into the boats, Quigg ensured that Bertha, his mother and sister were safely put into Lifeboat 6. As the boat was lowered he waved them goodbye, this was the last time they saw him. He died in the sinking, an unacceptable victim of the lack of boats and way in which boats were lowered with empty seats as the men stood back.

His body is not known to have been recovered. The three ladies which he was aboard Titanic with all survived. Bertha stayed with the Baxter's in canada for a bit before returning home.

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