Mr Ramon Artagaveytia - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Ramon Artagaveytia, was a 71 year old first class passenger travelling alone aboard Titanic. He joined the ship at Cherbourg, after visiting his nephew in Berlin. He was travelling to America to visit the country before going home to Argentina.

Ramon Artagaveytia, the son of Ramon Fermin Artagaveytia, was born in July 1840 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and at some point he moved to Argentina.

On 24th December 1871, near the shore of Uruguay, America, a ship which Ramon Artagaveytia was aboard, caught fire, resulting in the sinking of the ship and a huge loss of life. Ramon survived by jumping off the ship and swimming for his life. The cause of the fire was reported to have been high boiler pressures.

Ramon Artagaveytia did not survive the Titanic disaster; his body was recovered from the sea by the MacKay-Bennett. Included in his possession were a watch, comb, knife, $20 in gold pieces and $64 in notes. His body was returned to his home country, Uruguay, and he was buried at Cementerio Central, in Montevideo, on 18th June 1912.

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