Richard Leonard Beckwith - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Richard Leonard Beckwith was a 37 year old, American, first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic with his wife Sallie Monypeny Beckwith and his stepdaughter Helen Monypeny Newsom.

They boarded Titanic at Southampton to return home from a trip to Europe, and he occupied cabin D35 with his wife. His stepdaughters ‘boyfriend’, Karl Howell Behr joined Titanic at Cherbourg.

Richard Beckwith was born on Monday 9th November 1874, and was educated at Yale. He married Sallie Monypeny Newsom, who was a widow. As a result of his marriage he become the stepfather of William Monypeny Newsom and Helen Monypeny Newsom.

On the night of the sinking, after the passengers had been ordered on deck, Richard Beckwith, his family and Karl Behr were all allowed to board Lifeboat 5. Lifeboat 5 which was under the command of Third Officer Pitman was only the second lifeboat to leave the sinking ship.

Lifeboat 5 was safely rescued by RMS Carpathia the next morning. Onboard Carpathia Richard Beckwith and his family arrived home in New York on Thursday18th April.

After the disaster, just under a year later his stepdaughter married Karl Behr. As her stepfather, Richard Beckwith was the one who gave her away at her wedding.

Richard Beckwith died on Tuesday 11th April 1933 at his home in New York. He was buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut, on Thursday 13th April 1933.

In 1987 a leather satchel was recovered from the Titanic wreck site that is believed to have belonged to Richard Beckwith. The satchel included jewellery and American money.

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