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Hudson Trevor Allison - Titanic First Class Passenger

Hudson Trevor Allison was an 11 month old first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic with his mother, Bessie Waldo Allison; his father, Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison; his sister, Helen Loraine Allison; and their new servants, Alice Cleaver who was his nursemaid, Sarah Daniels who was a maid; George Swane (in 2nd class) who was the family’s new chauffer and Amelia Mary Brown (in 2nd class) who was their new cook. Hudson Trevor Allison, who was known as Trevor, was born on 7th May 1911 in Westmount, Quebec, Canada.

In March 1912, Trevor sailed to Britain with his family, so that his father could attend a Director’s meeting of the British Canadian Lumber Corporation. Before boarding Titanic to begin their journey home, the Allison’s recruited the four servants that were to make the journey home with them. Alice Cleaver was hired to look after Trevor.

The family and their new servants boarded Titanic in Southampton on 10th April 1912. After the collision with the iceberg, Trevor was taken to the boat deck by his nursemaid Alice Cleaver. From the starboard side boat deck, they both safely got into Lifeboat 11. It is said that Trevor mother and father were not aware that he was in a lifeboat and spent most of the sinking time searching for him. It was, however, reported in the press after the disaster that his mother refused to leave her father on the ship. Trevor’s mother, father and sister were all lost in the sinking. Trevor was the only member of the family to survive. Of the servants, George Swane was the only person to perish.

After the sinking, Trevor went to live with his aunt and uncle, George and Lillian Allison. Trevor tragically died on 7th August 1929, from food poisoning, aged just 18. He was buried beside his father at Maple Ridge Cemetery, Chesterville, Ontario, Canada.

In the 1996 made for TV film/mini-series, the Allison’s are portrayed in the film and their story, although not all factual, is a key part of the film.

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