Anna Abelson - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Anna Abelson was a 28 year old, Russian born, second class passenger travelling to New York aboard Titanic with her husband, Samuel Abelson. They boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France. Prior to boarding Titanic, they appear to have been living in France.

There seems to be some confusion about what her first name was, with some if not most other secondary sources we have seen saying, if giving any name at all, that her name was Hannah. All primary sources that we have seen, including from the Ellis Island archive and her death certificate, as well as her grave stone, give the name Anna; therefore, we conclude that Anna was her name.

She was born in around 1884 in Odessa, Russia. Her death certificate says that her father was called Mitchel Warshaw and her mother Dianah Jaffe.

Anna Abelson got into and was rescued in the port side Lifeboat 10. Samuel Abelson, her husband, was amongst the 1496 people who lost their lives when the ship they were on foundered. Anna Abelson arrived in New York aboard Carpathia on 18th April 1912.

After arriving in New York, Anna Abelson is said to have been helped out by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. At some point, although by this time she appears to have made the US her home, she left the US, before returning to the US aboard Rotterdam, arriving in New York on 3rd August 1914.

At some point she married a Michael Bolton, and presumably lived in New York, certainly they did for some time. She died on 22nd December 1963, aged 79, of Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. She was buried at New Montefiore Cemetery Pinelawn, New York. The inscription on her grave stone includes, “In Our Hearts She Lives Forever”; it also says that she was a beloved wife, mother and grandmother.

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