Ada Elizabeth Balls - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Ada Elizabeth Balls was travelling aboard Titanic as a second class passenger, making her way to the United States, where she was to live. She was accompanied aboard Titanic by her sisterís husband, Reverend Robert James Bateman, who had persuaded her to make the move from the United Kingdom to where he and her sister lived, Jacksonville, Florida.

With the name Ada Elizabeth Hall, she was born in London on 9th May 1875.

She married in 1896, but by 1912, they had long been separated, and more recently she had become a widow. She had two sons.

She boarded Titanic with her brother in law at Southampton on 10th April 1912. Her sons were to join her in America later on.

She was asleep in her cabin when Titanic struck the iceberg on 15th April 1912. She survived the sinking. It is said she escaped Titanic in Lifeboat 10. Reverend Robert James Bateman was amongst those lost.

She remained in America after the disaster, joined by her sons, and eventually remarried, to William Perrine.

Ada Elizabeth Perrine died on 1st October 1967. She was buried with her husband at Oak Lawn Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

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