Albert Francis Caldwell - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Albert Francis Caldwell was a second class passenger aboard Titanic – travelling home with his wife Sylvia Mae Caldwell and their son Alden Gates Caldwell to Biggsville, Illinois, United States. They had been carrying out Christian work in Bangkok, Siam (which is now known as Thailand) as teachers at a boy’s college. Their son, Alden Gates Caldwell, was born there on 10th June 1911. As part of one of the final parts of their journey home they boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Albert Francis Caldwell was born on 8th September 1885 in Sanborn, Iowa, United States. He married his wife, then known as Sylvia Mae Harbaugh, on 1st September 1909.

At the time Titanic struck the iceberg he was in his cabin. Albert Francis Caldwell, his, wife and his son were able to board Lifeboat 13. He was one of only 13 men from second class to survive the sinking.

On 21st December 1914 they had another son, Raymond Milton Caldwell.

Albert Francis Caldwell and his wife divorced in 1930.

At some point he was remarried, to Jennie Congleton (born in 1900).

Albert Francis Caldwell died on 10th March 1977.He was buried at Pinewood Memorial Park, Greenville, North Carolina. His wife, Jennie Caldwell, died in 1980, and was buried beside him.

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