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Amelia Mary Brown - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Miss Amelia Mary Brown was employed by first class passengers Hudson Allison and Bessie Allison as a cook Ė but unlike them she was traveling as a second class passenger. In first class Hudson Allison was traveling back to Canada from the United Kingdom with his wife Bessie Allison with their two year old daughter Helen Loraine Allison and their 11 month old baby son Hudson Trevor Allison. They were accompanied in first class by their young sonís nursemaid Alice Cleaver, their maid Sarah Daniels, and also, accommodated in second class, by Amelia Mary Brown and their chauffer George Swane.

Amelia Mary Brown was born on18th August 1893 in Kensington, London, United Kingdom. She boarded Titanic at Southampton with the Allisonís and their other servants on 10th April 1912. She shared cabin F33 with Selina Cook, Amelia Lemore and Elizabeth Nye.

After the collision with the iceberg she said in a letter to her mother that she did not believe it was serious and would not get up until George Swane came and made her. She is also said to have got up after her roommate Selina Cook had remarked to her that she was surely the only person on the ship still in bed.

When on the Titanicís Boat Deck she found her way into Lifeboat 11; which coincidently was also the lifeboat in which Hudson Trevor Allison and his nursemaid Alice Cleaver were rescued in. As the lifeboat was lowering she said in the letter to her mother that she had shut her eyes in hopes that she would wake up and find it was all a dream.

Amelia Mary Brown and the other occupants of Lifeboat 11 were rescued by Carpathia. Her employers Hudson Allison and Bessie Allison along with their 2 year old daughter Helen Loraine Allison were lost in the tragedy. Helen Loraine Allison was the only child amongst the first and second class passengers to have been lost. It is said that the Allisonís had been searching for baby Hudson Trevor Allison unaware he was safely in a lifeboat.

George Swane, the Allisonís chaffer was also lost, while their maid, Sarah Daniels, was saved as were Amelia Mary Brownís cabin companions Selina Cook, Amelia Lemore and Elizabeth Nye. On board Carpathia Amelia Mary Brown slept on the dining room floor.

Sometime after the Titanic disaster she returned home to the United Kingdom.

In 1931 she married James Edward Barrow (born in 1886).

She died on 30th June 1976.

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