Anna Hämäläinen - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Anna Hämäläinen was a second class passenger traveling aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic with her 7 month old son Viljo Unto Johannes Hämäläinen and Marta Histone, who was a friend of hers and whom she apparently intended to employ as a maid. They boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912, and were making their way from Finland to Detroit, Michigan, United States, where she would be reunited with her husband.

Anna Hämäläinen was born in 1888 in Finland. Her son, Viljo Unto Johannes Hämäläinen, was born in Finland on 29th August 1911.

Anna Hämäläinen and her son managed to board Lifeboat 4 and were rescued by the Carpathia. Sadly, Marta Hiltunen, for some reason did not manage to board a lifeboat and was lost in the disaster.

Little is really known about Anna Hämäläinen, including her date of death, which seems to be a mystery. Hopefully future research will correct that.

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