Antoinette Flegenheim - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mrs Berta Antonia Maria Flegenheimer, known as Antoinette Flegenheim (sic), was a 48 year old first class passenger traveling alone aboard Titanic, likely in cabin D8. Returning to New York from Germany (she resided in both the United States and Germany) she boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912.

She was born in Himmelpfort, Germany on 11th May 1863, and was the daughter of Wilhelm and Pauline Wendt. In 1890 she moved to New York, where she soon married Alfred Flegenheimer (born in Germany on 28th December 1869). Alfred Flegenheimer died in New York on 23rd November 1907. They had no children.

At the time Titanic collided with the iceberg on 14th April 1912, Antoinette Flegenheim was in bed, and was woken up by the collision. She was rescued from Titanic in the starboard side Lifeboat 7, the first lifeboat to leave Titanic during the sinking. Along with the other survivors aboard Lifeboat 7, she was rescued by Cunard Line’s Carpathia and taken to New York, arriving there on 18th April 1912.

Soon after the Titanic disaster, on 20th June 1912, she remarried in New York to Paul Elliot Whitehurst (born in the United Kingdom in around 1878).

During the First World War she lived in The Hague, Netherlands. It is believed that at some point she separated from and then probably divorced Paul Elliot Whitehurst.

She is said to have died during the Second World War – in Germany on 8th April 1943.

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