Argene Del Carlo - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Argene Del Carlo was traveling to America with her husband Sebastiano Del Carlo as second class passengers. They boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912 at Cherbourg, France. While she was aboard Titanic she was pregnant.

She was born in Montecarlo, Italy on 6th November 1887. She married her husband on 20th February 1912. Prior to her marriage her name was Argene Genovesi.

Argene Del Carlo survived the sinking of Titanic; it is suggested, in Lifeboat 11. It is said that the baby of third class passenger Leah Aks had suddenly become separated from her and ended up in the lifeboat without his mother, and was taken care of in the lifeboat and taken aboard the Carpathia by Argene Del Carlo. The baby, Frank Philip Aks, was reunited with his mother aboard Carpathia.

Her husband, Sebastiano Del Carlo, died in the disaster.

She did not stay long in America before returning home to Italy. Her husbandís body was recovered from the sea and was also returned to Italy In 1935 she was remaried, to Antonio Oreste Casata.

Argene Del Carlo gave birth to the baby she had been carrying on Titanic, a daughter named Maria Salvata Del Carlo, on 14th November 1912.

In 1935 Argene Del Carlo was remarried, to Antonio Oreste Casata.

She died on 8th October 1970, and was buried in Altopascio, Italy.

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