Arthur Jackson Brewe - Titanic First Class Passenger

Dr Arthur Jackson Brewe was a first class passenger returning home aboard Titanic to Philadelphia. He had been travelling, and it is said, he had visited Africa, Egypt, France and Italy. He joined Titanic at Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912.

He was born in Galway, Ireland in around 1866, and studied for a degree at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

During the 1890’s it is said that he crossed the Atlantic to America a number of times. During at least some of this time it is also said that his occupation was as a journalist. Living in America, in Philadelphia, he became an American citizen in July 1898. At some time, also in 1898, and again in Philadelphia, he married Annie Constance Gregory.

In 1905 he qualified at the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

When aboard Titanic he was returning home from his travels which had taken him to Africa, Egypt, France and Italy.

An article written by Senan Molony (The Riddle of the Sphinx) highlights the similarities between two separate photos taken at the Sphinx in Egypt, it seems taken in March 1912, one showing Arthur Brewe near the Sphinx, and the other showing Titanic survivor Margret “Molly” Brown at the same place. Additionally the photo which includes Arthur Brewe also includes a woman who appears to look to be Titanic survivor Emma Bucknell. Therefore it seems that perhaps Arthur Brewe was accompanied at the Sphinx in Egypt by Emma Bucknell and perhaps even Margret Brown. It is known that Margret Brown was acquainted with both Arthur Brewe and Emma Bucknell. It is also suggested that Titanic victim William Dulles, like Arthur Brewe and Emma Bucknell from Philadelphia, of whom no known photo exists of, could maybe be a person who also appears in the photo with Arthur Brewe, with what appears to be a resemblance to a relative being suggested.

Arthur Brewe did not survive the Titanic disaster, and his body is not known to have been recovered.

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