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Benjamin Laventall Foreman - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Benjamin Laventall Foreman was a 30 year old first class passenger returning to New York from Europe. He had set sail with Titanic from Southampton on 10th April 1912. While in Europe he had spent at least some time in Paris, France. Traveling alone, he occupied Cabin C111.

He was born in Albany, New York sometime in November 1881. His father was Henry W Foreman, who was born in the United States in 1855, and his mother was Rosa Laventall Foreman, who was born in Germany in 1859. He had five younger brothers.

In early 1900 he moved to Switzerland to work as a merchant, where he is said to have remained for two years, before returning to Switzerland intending to stay for a further two years. At the time of the Titanic disaster he was a resident of New York City.

On 14th April 1912, the night Titanic fatally collided with the iceberg, Benjamin Laventall Foreman was seen at 11pm by Edith Russell in the Library provided for first class passengers aboard Titanic. Prior to this, he had been seen a little earlier in the evening, at about 10.15pm, by Samuel Goldenberg, with whom he then had a conversation with for 15 minutes.

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