Titanic’s Café Parisien

Titanic’s Café Parisien for first class passengers – said to have been a first of its kind aboard a ship –was an afterthought – it was not originally intended to have been included aboard Titanic, and it was not, at the time Titanic sailed, included aboard her near identical sister ship Olympic.

Titanic’s Café Parisien
Titanic’s Café Parisien

The Café Parisien was located near the aft grand staircase on the starboard side of B deck, next to the À la Carte Restaurant. Those choosing to eat or drink at the Café Parisien were served by, and the food and drink prepared by, the same staff as the À la Carte Restaurant, a separate restaurant aboard Titanic to the Dinning Saloon, managed by Chef Luigi Gatti, and offered to first class passengers at an extra cost to the price they had already paid for their tickets to sail aboard Titanic.

In a setting replicating a seating area outside a French café, those sat in the Café Parisien would have been able to enjoy the view looking out at sea from the large windows alongside this part of the starboard side of the ship.

The café Parisien was described in 1912 by the Shipbuilder magazine as having “the appearance of a charming sun-lit verandah, tastefully decorated in French trellis-work with ivy and other creeping plants”. It is said to have been popular with Titanic’s younger first class passengers. It is likely it was open for the same hours as the À la Carte Restaurant – 8am until 11pm.

While Olympic was being refitted in an attempt to make her safer after the Titanic disaster, the opportunity was taken to replace her promenade deck outside her À la Carte Restaurant with her own Café Parisien.

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