Caroline Louise Endres - Titanic First Class Passenger

Miss Caroline Louise Endres was sailing as a first class passenger aboard Titanic as part of her employment as a nurse to Madeleine Astor, the pregnant wife of John Jacob Astor, the most wealthy person aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic. The Astorís were newlyweds who were returning home from a tour of Europe and Egypt. They boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912, accompanied by Caroline Endres, as well as Rosalie Bidois, their maid and Victor Robins, their valet. Caroline Endres occupied cabin C45 aboard Titanic.

She was born on 14th June 1872 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States. Her parents were Otto and Louisa Endres. She qualified as a nurse at St Luke's Hospital School of Nursing, New York.

As Titanic was sinking, Caroline Endres boarded Titanic's Lifeboat 4, one of the last to leave the ship, loaded from Titanic's A Deck promenade. Madeleine Astor and Rosalie Bidois were also rescued in Lifeboat 4. Both John Jacob Astor and Victor Robins were lost in the disaster.

Caroline Endres is not known to have married. She died on 11th January 1964, in Binghamton, New York. She is said to have been buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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