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Charles Henry Chapman - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mr Charles Henry Chapman, a resident of New York City, was traveling back home as a second class passenger aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic. He seems to have been travelling alone when he boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912 at Southampton.

He was born in Cape Town, South Africa in around 1860. He was the son of James and Catherine Chapman. His wife Ellen Chapman had died on 27th November 1910.

Charles Henry Chapman did not survive the sinking.

His body, listed as body 130, was recovered from the ocean by the CS Mackay Bennet. A 1912 document concerning the recovery of his body held at the Nova Scotia Archives notes the following: He was wearing a dark suit and had an abdominal belt, Included in his possession were a silver cigarette case, garnet tie pin, garnet ring, papers, gold mounted cuff links, $200, two gold studs, fountain pen, knife, pipe and money in a gold purse.

He was buried beside his wife at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York.

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