Charlotte Caroline Collyer - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Charlotte Caroline Collyer was travelling from Southampton United Kingdom to New York City, United States as a second class passenger aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic with her husband Harvey Collyer and their daughter Marjorie Lottie Collyer.

They had left their home in Bishopstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom to go to Payette, Idaho, United States, where they planned to buy a fruit farm. Their decision to make the move there was influenced by some friends who had done the same and encouraged them to go, and also because Charlotte Collyer had tuberculosis and it was thought the climate of Idaho would do her good. They boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912.

Charlotte Collyer was born on 1st October 1881 in Cobham, Surrey. Her maiden name was Charlotte Caroline Tate. She married Harvey Collyer in around 1883, and their daughter, Marjorie Lottie Collyer, was born on 28th January 1904.

At the time Titanic collided with the iceberg Charlotte Collyer was in bed in her cabin. Charlotte Collyer and her daughter were rescued from Titanic in lifeboat 14. Her husband was amongst those who died when Titanic sank.

Charlotte Collyer and her daughter did not stay in America long before returning home to Britain.

She was remarried in 1914, to James Ashbrook Holme (born in 1885) .

Charlotte Caroline Ashbrook died on 28th November 1916, from tuberculosis.

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