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Emil Brandeis - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mr Emil Brandeis was a 48 year old first class passenger travelling home alone from a trip to Europe. Aboard Titanic he occupied cabin B10, and had joined the ship at Cherbourg, France on Wednesday 10th April 1912. He did not survive the sinking of Titanic.

Emil Brandeis was born on 15th March 1864 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States. His parents were Jonas and Fannie Brandeis. His father founded J.L. Brandeis & Sons of Omaha, Nebraska, United States, where the family moved to in 1881. The business grew to include a chain of stores, most notably its large and seemingly well-loved flagship department store in Omaha, completed in around 1906. The store remained open until 1980 and the companyís then remaining stores continued trading until 1987 when they were absorbed into another company.

Emil Brandeis went to work at his fatherís business, and upon his fatherís death in early 1903, he and his two brothers took full control of the company. Emil Brandeis is said to have taken charge over the building and maintenance of the companyís buildings.

In early 1912, Emil Brandeis sailed to Europe, a trip he made every year. The places he visited in Europe included France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. He spent some of the trip travelling with his brotherís daughter and her husband, and also visited his sister, Sarah Cohn, in Switzerland. He also visited Egypt.

He had originally intended to arrive home around the beginning of May, but had decided that instead he would travel home a little earlier, sailing on Titanic.

On Sunday 14th April, the day Titanic struck the iceberg, he had dinner with Henry and Irene Harris.

Emil Brandeis did not survive the disaster. His body was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett and taken to Halifax, Canada. The items in his possession when is body was found consisted of diamond cuff links, a gold knife, platinum and diamond watch chain, gold cigarette and match box with initials, pearl tie pin, gold watch and money.

His name is included at his familyís memorial at Temple Israel Cemetery, Omaha.

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