Ethel Beane - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Ethel Beane was a traveling to America aboard Titanic with her husband Edward Beane as second class passengers.

She was born in Norwich, United Kingdom on 15th November 1889. At the time she boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912, she had recently married Edward Beane. They were crossing the Atlantic to live in America.

As Titanic was sinking both Ethel Beane and her husband were able to secure a place in Lifeboat 13. They both were rescued by the Carpathia and safely arrived at New York.

After Titanicís sinking they lived in New York.

Ethel Beane died on 17th September 1983. She was buried with her husband at White Haven Memorial Park, Pittsford, New York. Edward Beane had died on 24th October 1948.

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