Ethel Flora Fortune - Titanic First Class Passenger

Ethel Flora Fortune was a 28 year old first class passenger sailing home aboard Titanic with her family upon the completion of their tour of Europe. They had boarded Titanic at Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912, and together occupied cabins C23, 25 and 27. Aboard the ship she was accompanied by her father Mark Fortune, her mother Mary Fortune, her 19 year old brother Charles Fortune, her 23 year old sister Mabel Fortune and her 24 year old sister Alice Fortune. They were all residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Ethel Fortune was born in Winnipeg on 22nd September 1883. Although not accompanied by him for her family trip to Europe, she was engaged to Crawford Gordon (born in 1883).

Ethel was rescued from the sinking Titanic with her mother and sisters in Lifeboat 10. Her father and her brother did not survive.

In the year following the Titanic disaster she and Crawford Gordon married, and eventually they had two sons, Crawford Gordon (born in 1914), remembered as a notable Canadian businessman and a leader in Canada’s aviation industry, and William Gordon.

Ethel Flora Gordon died at her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 21st March 1961. Her husband had died in 1957. She is buried beside her husband at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

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