Florence Briggs Cumings - Titanic First Class Passenger

Florence Briggs Cumings was a first class passenger making her home to New York aboard Titanic from a trip to Europe with her husband John Bradley Cumings. They boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France on 10th April 1912, and aboard the ship they shared cabin C85.

Florence Cumings was born in Massachusetts, United States on New Year’s Eve 1876. Her parents were George and Ella Thayer. Her mother’s maiden name was Briggs.

In 1896 Florence married John Bradley Cumings (born on 26th September 1872). By 1905 they had three children, all of whom were boys: John Bradley Cumings Jr. (born 15th August 1897), Wells Bradley Cumings (born in around 1900) and Thayer Cumings (born 16th March 1904). Their children did not accompany them aboard Titanic.

On the night of the sinking Florence was amongst those who boarded Lifeboat 4 from the promenade on A Deck. Amongst those in Lifeboat 4, which, due to delays in lowering, was one of the last lifeboats to leave the ship, was Madeline Astor, who was the wife of the richest person aboard Titanic. Due to the women and children only order, Florence’s husband, John Bradley Cumings, had to stay behind.

Florence was rescued by Carpathia and survived the night. John Bradley Cumings was lost in the sinking.

In New York on 31st May 1912, Florence had lunch at the home of Titanic survivor Madeline Astor. The lunch was also attended by Titanic survivor Marion Thayer, Captain Arthur Rostron (Carpathia’s Captain) and Dr Frank McGee (Carpathia’s Surgeon).

Florence's son Wells Bradley Cumings died while serving his country during the First World War. He died on 30th June 1918 due to injuries sustained during the Battle of Belleau Wood.

In 1921 Florence married Chester O. Swain.

Florence died in New York on 2nd September 1949. Chester O. Swain had died in 1937.She is buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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