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Henry Lane, Mariner of White Star Line, lost at sea October 1871

Posted: Mon May 17, 2021 3:32 pm
by janiceb13
Good Afternoon. i'm a new member and unfamiliar with Forums in general. I'm looking for information on HENRY LANE, mariner, believed to be working for the White Star Line. I believe he was lost at sea in October 1871 - he was only 33 years old - this information is on his gravestone in Toxteth Park Cemetery near Liverpool. No more details are known - was he lost overboard?? Did the ship he was working on sink?? He left behind a wife JANE nee Jones and two young children. The family information is that his wife Jane received a pension from The White Star Line. I've searched lots of places for information but have been unable to find more about him. Can anybody help - I would love to know more. Many thanks, Janiceb13