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New Titanic Forum

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The original combined Titanic Pages and White Star History forum has been offline for a rather long time now due to some technical issues. After all this time there is now little point continuing to try to fix the old forum, so this new forum has been opened.

Website forums or message boards are perhaps generally somewhat a thing of the past now, but they were (and hopefully still can be) an ideal addition to a website like this were people could discuss the topics of interest to them and perhaps make friends. This website stems from a Titanic forum created nearly 18 years ago which was once an online community of people interested in Titanic.

The TP and WSH websites may have been rather neglected for a while, look a little tired, need some modernisation and some of the older content may be letting down the newer content but TP and WSH are currently a top priority and a lot of work is actively underway to improve the websites and continue to build both into a good resource of information. Good progress should be made over the next few weeks.

If it is still possible to achieve today, It hoped that over time this new forum can become an important part of Titanic Pages and become a community of people, just like other Titanic forums have done over the years. Likely slow at first, but an effort will be made with the forum over the coming weeks, especially once work on the website has progressed. All are welcome to join in.
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