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My grandfather Thomas Gwylim Legge, born 1877 in Cardiff, became a mariner with, I believe, the White Star Line. He became a First Mate in 1901, and a Master Mariner of Foreign Bound Ships in 1903. I have his Board of Trade Certificate of Competency. I believe he was based in Liverpool in 1915 as that is where he married my Grandmother, Elizabeth Ackers, born 1888 in Bootle.

My mother was born 1916, in Bootle, but I believe, relocated to Cardiff before attaining 5 years old.
She told stories of travelling on board with her parents. If she every mentioned the vessel, it is lost in my memory.

My Grandfather died in 1930, and my Grandmother in 1967.

I am very anxious to discover on which vessels my grandfather served, and, whether or not he ever became a Captain.

Many years later our family lived in Portsmouth, and my mother arranged for us all to go on board the Cunard Ships whilst docked at Southampton.
Reliving her childhood no doubt, and respectfully remebering her father. She was aged 13 when he died. What a tragedy !

I am seeking any information on my Grandfathers Merchant Service and any pointers where I might be able to search the White Star Line Crew Lists.

TIA most sincerely RT.
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