Frederick James Banfield - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mr Frederick James Banfield was a second class passenger travelling aboard Titanic to the United States. He was a miner and was returning to America to work there.

He was born in Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom on 29th February 1884.

In 1907 he married Cecilia Elizabeth Carder, and also in that same year he began working as a miner in America. He does not seem to have been joined by his wife while he was there.

Having spent the previous Christmas and 1912 up to that point in Britain at home in Plymouth with his wife, he boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912, to work in America.

He died in the Titanic disaster on 15th April 1912. His body is not known to have been recovered.

His name is included on the memorial at his parentís grave in Helston, Cornwall.

He had a son who was born in November 1912. The baby was given the same name as him, Frederick James Banfield.

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