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Harry Bartram Faunthorpe - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mr Harry Bartram Faunthorpe was a second class passenger travelling to America aboard Titanic with Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson, who was listed as his wife – but in fact, although she was married – she was not married to him. They boarded Titanic together at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Harry Bartram Faunthorpe was born in Scotter, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, in 1880.

He did not survive the sinking. His body, listed as body number 286, was later recovered from the sea by the Mackay-Bennet.

A 1912 document concerning the recovery of his body held at the Nova Scotia Archives noted that the clothing he was wearing included a green raincoat, grey coat and vest, blue pants, purple and green flannel shirt and black boots; and he had upon him 6 gold and diamond rings with sovereign case, £3.10, a gold George sovereign, spectacles, gold watch chain and seal and silver watch, silver chain, two knives, papers 12/6 in silver and one shilling in copper.

He is said to have been buried in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia appears to have been his and Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson’s intended destination when they arrived in America.

Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson survived the disaster.

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