Harry Gale - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mr Harry Gale was traveling as second class passenger aboard Titanic to America with his brother Shadrach Gale. His brother had lived in Idaho Springs, Colorado, United States for a number of years, and, after completing a visit home to Cornwall, he was taking his brother back with him. Like his brother, Harry Gale was going to work there as a miner. They boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Harry Gale was born in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, United Kingdom, in 1874.

Harry Gale did not survive the sinking of Titanic. His body is not known to have been recovered from the sea. His brother was also lost.

There is a memorial to both Harry Gale and his brother at St Andrew Churchyard, Calstock, Cornwall, where presumably their parents were later buried. The memorial, which has Nearer my God to Thee written across the top, says the following: "Erected by Elijah and Maria Gale (of Harrowbarrow) in affectionate remembrance of their dearly beloved sons Harry aged 38 years and Shadrach aged 34 year. Who lost their lives in the Titanic disaster April 14th 1912. We often sit and think of them when we are alone for memory is the only thing that grief can call its own. For like ivy on the withered oak, when all other things decay, our love for them will still keep green and never fade away."

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