John Morgan Davies - Titanic Second Class Passenger

John Morgan Davies was an 8 year old second class passenger travelling aboard Titanic with his mother Agnes Davies and his brother 19 year old brother Joseph Charles Nicholls. They were travelling to Houghton, Michigan, United States, where his eldest brother, Richard Henry Nicholls, lived with his wife, and they were going to join in living there. Also accompanied by Maude Sincock, a friend of the family, they boarded Titanic on 10th April 1912 at Southampton.

John Morgan Davies, the son of Robert and Agnes Davies, was born on 31st July 1903 in St Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom. His father had died in 1910.

He was rescued from the sinking Titanic in a lifeboat with his mother; it is suggested that the lifeboat was Lifeboat 14. Maude Sincock, their family friend, was also saved.

His brother, Joseph Charles Nicholls, died in the sinking.

John Morgan Davies and his mother continued with their plans to join his other brother, Richard Henry Nicholls, and his wife in Houghton, Michigan, United States, where they then stayed.

He was eventually married to Leona Uren (born in 1911). They divorced in November 1951, which is said to have caused John Morgan Davies to commit suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates.

He died on 16th December 1951.

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