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Karolina Byström - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Karolina Byström was a second class passenger aboard the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. She had been living in the United States, in New York, for many years, but prior to sailing aboard Titanic she had been in her native Sweden, and was returning aboard Titanic to the United States

She was born on 11th February 1872 in Sweden. Her maiden name was Jonsson. She first moved to the United States in 1891, and in 1899 married Louis Byström. However, sometime within a year or two before she sailed on Titanic, she had separated from her husband.

She survived the Titanic disaster. It is not known for certain in which lifeboat she was lowered away from Titanic in.

She was remarried in 1924, to Per Berggren.

It is not known when she died, but she is known to have still been alive in 1957.

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