Titanic Lifeboat 10

Lifeboat 10 was located at the aft end of Titanic’s port side Boat Deck. On the night of the sinking it was amongst the last of the lifeboats to be lowered away from Titanic. Amongst its most notable of passengers was Millvina Dean, Titanic’s youngest and eventual last living passenger.

Due to Titanic listing to the port side, there was a considerable gap between the deck and the edge of the lifeboat, estimated by Able Seaman Frank Evans as being about two and a half feet. As one lady was attempting to join the lifeboat she slipped and fell through the gap between the ship and the lifeboat; fortunately she was saved from falling and was pulled into the deck bellow. She is said to have then successfully joined the lifeboat on her second attempt.

Before lowering the lifeboat the crew seem to have carried out a search of the area for any remaining woman and children; even forcing those who were hesitant into the lifeboat, throwing them in. With no woman and children left in sight around the area of the lifeboat, Lifeboat 4 was lowered away from Titanic at approximately around 1:50 am. First Officer William Murdoch supervised the lowering of this lifeboat. Chief Baker Charles Joughin assisted with the loading of the lifeboat.

Inside the lifeboat were first, second and third class woman, a small number of children, including Millvina Dean, the youngest person aboard the ship; four members of the ship’s crew, Dining room Steward William Burke, Able Seaman Edward Buley, Able Seaman Frank Evans, and Fireman Charles Rice. Members of the crew aboard the lifeboat also mention there being two male passengers aboard the lifeboat, apparently both from non-English speaking countries. Edward Burley was in charge of the lifeboat.

After reaching the water they moved a safe distance from the ship, before – after the sinking – joining a group of lifeboats, Lifeboats 4, 12, D and 14. While in this group of lifeboats, Fifth Officer Lowe, in charge of Lifeboat 14, ordered that Edward Buley and Frank Evans leave Lifeboat 10 and join Lifeboat 14 to help to allow lifeboat 14 to return to the scene of the sinking to try to rescue survivors from the water.

William Burke later testified that – after they had drifted about practically all night – he had ordered that his lifeboat be cut adrift, after they had become aware of the upside down Lifeboat B needing assistance. Lifeboats 4 and 12 then went to the assistance of Lifeboat B. He said that they then drifted.

William Burke also mentioned that by the time they had arrived at Carpathia, they had tied to another lifeboat. It was possibly Lifeboat 12.

Said to have been the second to last to arrive, Lifeboat 10 arrived safely at Carpathia with around 55 people aboard. Lifeboat 10 was taken to New York.

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