Titanic Lifeboat 13

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Lifeboat 13 was the seventh lifeboat to leave the starboard side of the ship. Onboard were mostly 2nd and 3rd class passengers, ships stewards and stockers, and around four male passengers including 2nd class passenger Lawrence Beesley. In total there were around 65 people in the boat.

The boat was lowered to A deck to pick up passengers from the promenade deck. While Lawrence Beesley was looking over the side of the ship from the boat deck, a crew member aboard boat 13, asked him if there were any more woman around, when he replied no, he was invited to jump into the boat.

After he jumped in, two more woman joined the boat from A deck, shortly followed by the order to lower away. Before the boat was lowered a couple with their baby joined the boat just in time.

As the boat was lowering the people aboard noticed they had a problem, the boat was going to land close to the opening for the condenser exhaust, which was pouring out a high volume of water. To keep the boat away oars were used and the crew planned to release the boat from the falls as soon as possible.

Once in the water the situation got much worse, almost straight after lifeboat 13 began to lower, lifeboat 15 also started the decent. With the water from the condenser exhaust pushing boat 13 underneath boat 15, the crew aboard boat 13 realised they could not release the boat from the ropes.

The people in boat 13, and then 15 shouted out for the lowering of boat 15 to be stopped, a request which was not heard by those on the boat deck. With boat 15 so close to landing on top of 13 that the people in boat 13 had there hands on the bottom of boat 15 trying to move the boat away, the crew were able to cut the ropes with knives, allowing the boat to move out of the way just in time.

Lifeboat 13 safely arrived at the Carpathia at a around 4.30am.

Crew aboard Lifeboat 13

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Passengers aboard Lifeboat 13

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