Titanic Lifeboat 3

Lifeboat number 3 was kept at the at the forward end of Titanic's starboard side. Even though it was designed to have a maximum capacity of 65 people, only around 32 people were in the lifeboat at both the time it was lowered from Titanic and the time it arrived at Carpathia.

Once all the available women and children had been put in to the boat, men, including a handful of the ships firemen, were allowed to jump in. Then at around 12:55am, First Officer William Murdoch supervised the lowering of the boat, which is believed to have been the fourth to be lowered from the ship and the third to be lowered from the starboard side. Able seaman George Moore was in command of the boat.

In the water, it is said that two of the boats oars were lost overboard, possibly due to the effect of the cold on the crew’s hands. At least two survivors who were aboard the boat stated that there was no light in the boat. With the lack of light in the boat, the passengers burned what they could find to try to make themselves visible to Carpathia.

All the passengers and crew aboard lifeboat 3 were rescued by Carpathia and taken to New York.

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