Mabel Helen Fortune - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mabel Helen Fortune was a 23 year old first class passenger making her way home aboard Titanic to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada after completing a tour of Europe with her family. Occupying cabins

C23, 25 and 27, Mabel and her family set sail on 10th April 1912 aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic from Southampton to New York City. She was accompanied aboard the ship by her father Mark, her mother Mary, her 19 year old brother Charles, her 24 year old sister Alice and her 28 year old sister Ethel.

Mabel was born in Winnipeg on 3rd November 1888. Prior to her trip to Europe she had met and began courting Harrison Archer Driscoll, who was a Jazz musician. It is said that her parents were not best pleased and they hoped Mabelís time away from him while in Europe would restrain their romance.

During the early hours 15th April 1912, as Titanic was sinking, Mabel, her mother and sisters were placed in to Lifeboat 10. At the time the iceberg struck she was probably in her cabin. Mabel, her mother and sisters survived the disaster and returned home; both her father and her brother were lost.

Mabelís time away in Europe did not put an end to her romance with Harrison Driscoll, and they were married on 23rd August 1913. The couple had a son named Robert, but their marriage was not long lasting, and they separated.

For many years Mabel lived in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Ė in a large house she shared and jointly owned with a friend, Charlotte Fraser Armstrong.

Mabel Fortune Driscoll died in Victoria, British Columbia on 19th February 1968. There is a memorial stone to her at Royal Oak Burial Park Cemetery, Victoria, British Columbia, where presumably her ashes are buried.

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