Margaret Fleming - Titanic First Class Passenger

Miss Margaret Fleming was a first class passenger travelling aboard Titanic as part of her employment as a maid to the Thayer family. Returning home to Pennsylvania, United States from a trip to Europe, Margaret Fleming, along with her employers John Thayer, Marian Thayer, and their 17 year old son Jack Thayer, boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France on Wednesday 10th April 1912.

Margaret Fleming, the daughter of David and Margaret Fleming, was born on 31st January 1870 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She had lived with and been employed by the Thayer’s since 1904.

Margaret Fleming and Marian Thayer were rescued from Titanic in Lifeboat 4, which was lowered away from the port side A Deck promenade deck at around 1.50am. Unknown to them at the time, Marian Thayer’s son, Jack Thayer was rescued in the morning by Lifeboat 12, accompanied by Lifeboat 4, from the upturned collapsible Lifeboat B, which he had managed to swim to after jumping in the water from the sinking Titanic.

Marian Thayer’s husband, John Thayer, was amongst those lost in the Titanic disaster.

Margaret Fleming and the other survivors arrived in New York abroad RMS Carpathia on 18th April 1912; from where she began her journey home to Pennsylvania.

Margaret Fleming continued to be employed by Marian Thayer for the rest of her life. She died on 24th August 1941.

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