Maria Louisa Thorne Drew - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Mrs Maria Louisa Thorne Drew was traveling in second class aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic with her husband James Vivian Drew and their 8 year old nephew Marshall Brines Drew. They, residents of Greenport, Suffolk, New York, United States, had been visiting the United Kingdom, where her husband had family in Cornwall. They had travelled there during the latter part of 1911 aboard Titanicís sister ship Olympic.

She was born in Greenport on 19th March 1878; her parents were Henry and Maria Christian. At some point she married James Vivian Drew. She was known as Lulu.

Marshall Brines Drew was the son of her husbandís brother, but his mother had died within a few weeks of his birth, so Maria Louisa Thorne Drew and her husband seem to have largely acted as his guardians.

They boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Maria Louisa Thorne Drew and her nephew Marshall Brines Drew were rescued from Titanic in Lifeboat 10. James Vivian Drew was lost when Titanic sank.

She was eventually remarried to Richard Opie (born in 1885).

Maria Louisa Thorne Opie died on 2nd June 1970. Her husband, Richard Opie, had died on 24th February 1970.

She was buried beside her second husband at Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway, Rhode Island, United States.

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