Marjorie Lottie Collyer - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Miss Marjorie Lottie Collyer was an 8 year old second class passenger travelling aboard Titanic during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Marjorie Lottie Collyer was traveling aboard the ship with her mother Charlotte Caroline Collyer and her father Harvey Collyer. Her family were moving from Bishopstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom to Payette, Idaho, United States, where they intended to buy a fruit farm. The family boarded Titanic at Southampton on 10th April 1912.

Marjorie Lottie Collyer was born on 28th January 1904 in Leatherhead, Surrey.

As Titanic was sinking Marjorie Lottie Collyer was rescued with her mother in Lifeboat 14, which was commanded by Titanicís Fifth Officer, Harold Lowe. Her father was lost in the sinking.

Marjorie Lottie Collyer and her mother did not stay very long in the United States before deciding to return home.

In 1914 her mother was remarried, to James Ashbrook Holme.

Her mother died of tuberculosis in November 1916, followed by her step father, James Ashbrook Holme, dying in March 1919. She then went to live with in West Horsley, Surrey with her uncle Walter Collyer.

She married Royden Bernard Bowman Dutton (born in1901) on Christmas Day 1927, and lived with him in Chilworth, Surrey. He died in 1943.

She is amongst the Titanic survivors that Titanic historian and author of the Titanic book A Night to Remember, Walter Lord corresponded with. She was amongst a group of survivors who attended the London premiere of the film version of A Night to Remember in 1958.

Marjorie Dutton died on 26th February 1965.

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