Marshall Brines Drew - Titanic Second Class Passenger

Marshall Brines Drew was an 8 year old second class passenger travelling aboard Titanic with his uncle James Vivian Drew and his aunt Maria Louisa Thorne Drew. Making their way home to Greenport, Suffolk, New York, they had been in Britain, where they visited the family of his uncle and his father in Cornwall.

Marshall Brines Drew, the son of William John Drew (born in 1864) and Annie Eliza Drew (born in 1871), was born in Greenport on 30th March 1904. Sadly his mother had died within just a few weeks of his birth. His fatherís brother James Vivian Drew and his wife Maria Louisa Thorne Drew seem to have largely taken care of him.

During the latter part of 1911 he had sailed with his aunt and uncle abroad the RMS Olympic to visit family in Britain. Their voyage home began at Southampton on 10th April 1912, aboard the maiden voyage of Olympicís near identical sister ship, Titanic.

At the time Titanic collided with the iceberg he was in his cabin. Both he and his aunt were rescued from Titanic in Lifeboat 10. His uncle was lost in the disaster.

At some point he married someone called Mary, and they had a daughter, who was born in 1937.

He became an art teacher. He is well remembered for his skills as an artist and photographer, and also even for his origami skills. He is also fondly remembered for his work as an art teacher. He continued giving art lessons long past his retirement as a school teacher. He seems to have been happy to discuss Titanic with those interested in the ship.

He died on 6th June 1986.

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