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Mary Hélène Jane Douglas - Titanic First Class Passenger

Mrs Mary Hélène Jane Douglas was a first class passenger returning home aboard Titanic from a trip to Europe, making her way home to Montreal, Québec, Canada, with her mother Hélène Baxter, her brother Quigg Baxter and her brother’s girlfriend Bertha Mayné. Mary Douglas, her mother and her brother occupied cabins B58-60, one of the best suites on the ship, complete with its own private bath.

Mary Douglas was born in Montreal, Québec, Canada on 4th April 1885. Her maiden name was Mary Baxter. She married Frederick Charles Douglas in around 1909.

When Titanic struck the iceberg Mary Douglas was probably in her cabin. Accompanied to the Boat Deck by her brother, she was placed into Lifeboat 6 with her mother and Bertha Mayné. Lifeboat 6 was one of the first lifeboats to be lowered away from the sinking ship.

Mary Douglas, her mother and Bertha Mayné survived the disaster. Her brother, Quigg Baxter, was lost in the disaster.

She died in December 1954.

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