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Titanic Musicians Memorial, Southampton

The Titanic Musicians Memorial is a marble memorial tablet located in Southampton, United Kingdom, dedicated to the musicians aboard Titanic who all lost their lives in the Titanic disaster on 15th April 1912. The memorial there today is a replica of the original, the original being destroyed in an air raid during the Second World War.

Titanic Musicians Memorial, Southampton
Titanic Musicians Memorial, Southampton.

The original musicians memorial was located inside Southampton Central Library and was unveiled around the time of the first anniversary of the Titanic disaster. Unfortunately, the original memorial and the library were destroyed during an air raid in 1940. Eventfully, a new memorial, an exact replica of the original, was created, and was unveiled on 7th March 1990 by Titanic survivors Bertram Dean, Millvina Dean, Edith Haisman and Eva Hart on the site where the library once stood.

The following inscription is found at the top of the memorial: In memory of the heroic musicians of the S.S. "Titanic" lost on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York April 15th 1912.

Titanic had aboard 8 musicians whose job it was to entertain the passengers with music, which they continued to do as the ship was sinking. The musicians aboard Titanic were: Theodore Ronald Brailey, Roger Marie Bricoux, John Frederick Preston Clarke, Wallace Hartley, John Law Hume, Georges Alexandre Krins, Percy Cornelius Taylor and John Wesley Woodward. All of their names are included on the memorial.

Underneath their names on the memorial, the following can be found: They died at their posts like men[.] Erected by the members and friends of the Amalgamated Musicians Union[,] Southampton Branch[.] Unveiled by His Worship the Mayor[,] Councillor H Bowyer R.N.R. April 16th 1913[.]

The musicians memorial is located right in front of one of the buildings occupied by Paris Smith on Cumberland Place, opposite the park near the SeaCity museum and very near to the Titanic Engineers Memorial. When standing in front of and looking at the Engineers memorial, you should be able to see the Paris Smith building to the left on the corner of Cumberland Place and London Road.

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