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Number of people aboard Titanic and number of lost and saved

When Titanic departed land for the last time, sailing away from Queenstown, Ireland, on 11th April 1912, she had aboard a total of 2208 people, made up of passengers and crew.

Travelling in first class there were 324 people, made up of 148 women and children and 176 men.

Travelling in second class there were 284 people, made up of 117 women and children and 167 men.

Travelling in third class there were709 people, made up of 259 women and children and 450 men.

In total there were 1317 passengers aboard Titanicís maiden voyage; 524 of which were women and children, and 793 of which were men.

201 fist class passengers survived, made up of 143 women and children, and 58 men; 123 died, made up of 5 women and children (4 women, 1 female child), and 118 men.

118 second class passengers survived, made up of 105 women and children, and 13 men; 166 died, made up of 12 women and 154 men.

181 third class passengers survived, made up of 121 women and children, and 60 men; 528 died, made up of 138 women and children, and 390 men.

In total 500 passengers survived the sinking, 369 of which were women and children, 131 of which were men; 817 passengers were lost, 155 of which were women, 662 of which were men.

In addition to the passengers aboard Titanic there were 891 (868 male and 23 female) crew members. Of the crew, 212 survived (192 male and 20 female), while 679 died.

In total 1496 of the people aboard Titanic were lost on 15th April 1912. A total of 712 people survived the disaster.

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