Titanic's Officers' Quarters

The officers' quarters aboard Titanic were where the captain and Titanic's deck officers lived aboard the ship. It was located on the Boat Deck immediately behind the bridge.

The captain's quarters were located forward on the starboard side, consisting of a bedroom, a private bathroom with a bath, sink and a toilet, and a sitting room, with a door via the navigating room and the wheelhouse to the bridge.

With the exception of the 4th officer, whose cabin was located on the starboard side next door to the captain's bathroom, the other officers' cabins were located on the port side, with the chief officer's cabin located beside the wheelhouse, with the 1st officer's cabin next door followed by the 2nd officer, 3rd officer, 5th officer and 6th officer.

Each cabin contained a heater, bed, seating, desk, storage and openable window overlooking the Boat Deck and the lifeboats. The deck immediately outside of the officers' quarters was reserved solely for the use of the officers.

The after part of the officers' quarters had a smoking room for the officers, a pantry, toilets and a bath.

A stewards cabin was also located there for the stewards serving the officers.

Much of the space in the center, between the starboard and port sides was taken up by the first funnel and things connected to the boiler room far below. At the very back of the officers' quarters was the Marconi wireless room, with a cabin provided for the wireless operators placed next to it. Of course, the Marconi wireless room was where Titanic's distress calls were sent out during the sinking.

The officers' quarters could be accessed from the bridge's wheelhouse, as well as by doors to the boat deck on both sides of the ship - on the starboard side between the 4th officers' cabin and the smoking room, and on the port side between the 5th and 6th officers' cabins. There was also a door leading into the first class passenger's accommodation beyond.

Located on the roof of the officers' quarters were two collapsible lifeboats, one on the starboard side and one on the port side. Late during the sinking, both were lowered down to the boat deck, but it was too late to launch them, the port side lifeboat ended up floating off the ship upside down, while the starboard side lifeboat floated off with its canvas sides still down. Between them the two boats saved a number of lives including Titanic's 2nd officer who managed to get out of the water and on to the upside-down lifeboat. His cabin had been located underneath the lifeboat which saved his life.

Dives to the wreck have, despite collapsed parts and everything considered, revealed parts of the officers' quarters to appear somewhat notably intact. Through the remains of the outer wall of the captain's bathroom, the bath has been clearly observed as well as what appeared to be a sink; however, it is said that during a more recent dive it has been noted that the deterioration of the officers' quarters has worsened and that the bath can no longer be seen.

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